MSQRD Complete Guide: Download, Review & Using Demo on Different Devices

Masquerade Technologies Inc. took a revolutionary step in the world of apps with the launch of “MSQRD APP”, an official photography app. This MSQRD free app is available for Android, iOS, and PC. We can easily download it from Google play store and iTunes store. MSQRD free download has become very popular around the world since its launch.

It allows the user to record Selfie videos and swap the face with a broad range of funny emojis. This app’s download history has already crossed 10,000. The app requires only 4.8 Mb space in the device memory of one’s Android phone. It can be used to change one’s facial display by a mask of famous characters like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Harry Potter, Batman, Tony Stark, Barack Obama, Joker and a surplus of other characters.

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Download MSQRD For Android

This popular app for Android users is available in different notable languages starting from English, French, Japanese, Chinese to Spanish, German, Italian any much more to name. Using this app is absolute fun. When the thought of having the right time comes into mind using MSQRD app is the best idea. The app helps its users to edit pictures, re-size them and record video selfies with a plethora of filters and masks available. Small kids can even use this app, and it also allows a user to share their funny, mischievous endeavors on various social media websites.

Recommended to follow below steps for installing this legally. You can visit this play store link also.

  • The initial step of opening the Google play store: To avail this app in an official way one will have to open the Google play store on one’s Android phone. You need to create a free account in the play store by adding all the required information.

searching on Android play store

  • A natural search for MSQRD app: Proceeding with logging, one needs to search for the MSQRD app. Initiating a search for the desired app is a kid’s stuff. One just needs to tap on the search option and type the name of the app, in this case, which is “MSQRD”. The available options with a logo of the app will be shown below the search bar. The person just needs to tap it then the app will appear along with another similar kind of applications.
  • Tap on the “Install” button: As the app looks after the completion of searching, an individual needs to tap on the app first. Once you hit the install button, it will open in a new window which will provide the person with the “install” option. After the person touches the install button, it will automatically start downloading.

install button

  • What to do next? There is nothing to do next to the person as the app will automatically get downloaded and installed. The downloading process should not take very make one wait for long as the size of the app is minimum.
  • And the wait is over: After the accomplishment of the downloading process, the app will automatically get installed on the phone, and once it, is executed, the app will be ready to use.

Menu screen on Android to start face swipe

MSQRD Download For iPhone/iPad (iOS):

A person can also download the app from the official website Masquerade Technologies but the process is the bit too lengthy and slow so opting to download in a formal way is not always the best option to choose. Having the coolest app is installed on the phone, click selfies, record videos, use funny masks and move on to share it.

Compatability Versions: iOS 9, 9.1, 7, 8.1,8.3, 8.4 no jailbreak, iPad Air, mini and 2’s, iPhone 6/6s Plus5/5s.

  • Open iTunes store: The first and foremost step is to open the iTunes store on the iPhone.
  • Search for the App: The next required step for an individual is to initiate a search for the app. One just needs to tap the search bar after typing in the name of the app, i.e., MSQRD and make a click on the search button. The iTunes store will display the list of all matching options in the screen.
  • Choose the App to download: In this step, a person will have to choose the FREE MSQRD option from the list of all the possibilities given and make another simple tap start the downloading process.
  • Enter the password: After tapping on the MSQRD app to start downloading, the iTunes store will ask for the iTunes password to commence the download process. As soon as the password you entered is correct, the download process will begin & that will go to the display of a new page showing the progress bar.
  • Welcome to the fun zone: After the completion of the MSQRD download process, it will be instantly ready to use. This cool app can facilitate some endless joy of making fun out of oneself by recording weirdly funny videos and taking selfies.

Direct iTunes Download Link: click now.

MSQRD allows a person to use both primary and secondary cameras of their Android phone. One just needs to adjust the face properly in the contour as per the lining provided. The picture can be changed from funny to funnier to funniest by just swiping from right to left. The app is designed to deliver few giggles to the users and also helps them to share it with others. This app has some amazing features stored in for Android users to unravel. It has a variety of free masks, stickers, and filters to give the face a weird look like on Snapchat.

MSQRD has some unique facelift features that help in making a picture more hilarious. MSQRD also allows its users to share their emotions with the help of live face effects. The MSQRD app has a unique video and sound recording feature, with which one can record a variety of weird sound effects and a prolonged video. Share the coolest videos or re-created photos in the much-hyped social forums namely Facebook and Instagram. Now, given below is a step-wise guide that will assist a user to download the MSQRD app on their Android smartphones:

MSQRD Free Download For PC/Laptop:

We will use Android emulator software and install this video recording selfie application on Computers & Laptops. Download Bluestacks Emulator now and install it on your computer. Now, start Bluestacks software from the Desktop icon. After that, Setup Bluestacks with your Gmail account information with Play store.

Compatibility Windows versions: Windows 7, XP 8, 8.1 & Windows 10. MSQRD for PC using Bluestacks

Now, search for “MSQRD” in Bluestacks. Just install like you do on Android.Searching for MSQRD on Bluestacks

Search results will appear on the Screen. Select original application like I did in the below image. results shown on play store on PC

Install it like you do on your Android mobile. You can access this application from “All Apps” on Bluestacks main screen.

Face Swaps & Filters Store Images

Here are some of the trending images of MSQRD. Check out these pictures and try those with your application.monkey face filter

obama filter image

another face swipe image

You can try every filter and face swap on it. Kindly, share my blog if you found it helpful. Read other stories as well for better understanding on this app.